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Interactive Dashboard completely built in EXCEL.
It will help you to see in a more dynamic way the management of sales and transactions with your customers both in monetary terms and in the number of products sold, analyzing the behavior, trends, peaks and valleys of sales.

On the left side of the dashboard you will find buttons that will allow you to change the color, if you want to see sales in money or in product and all these characteristics are completely modifiable.

*** When you buy this dashboard you will receive a confirmation email with the download link.

This Dashboard contains:

  • Codes to execute the buttons to change the subject, information, sales and products.
  • Pivot tables to manage tables
  • Database

More information about the creation of this dashboard and how to work with it can be found here:

Interactive Dashboard - SALES MANAGEMENT

SKU: DB014
  • Contact us and we will tailor Dashboards for you.

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